Staff Spotlight: Han Pham

Kaitlyn Jarnagin

August 24, 2023
Han is standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. She is wearing a jean jacket and has her hands in her pockets.

We’re taking a moment to shine a spotlight on Han Pham, our Member Journey Coordinator. This post is co-written by Kaitlyn Jarnagin, our Member Success Manager, and Han.

Kaitlyn Jarnagin:

I am excited to introduce our new Member Journey Coordinator, Han Pham. Over the past year, the Permanent team has been working on improving new member onboarding and user experience. We discovered that although new members are interested in and eager to sign up, they sometimes have a hard time getting started with building their archive.

We created the Member Journey Coordinator role to provide additional support for our new members and those facing unique challenges in their projects on Permanent. We hope to help members connect with resources to digitize and organize their materials so they are ready to be uploaded to We also hope to add functionality to the platform that helps new members take their first steps towards preserving their digital legacy. The Member Journey Coordinator communicates directly with new members to learn how we can help them get started. They also evaluate the user experience of the platform to make it easier for new members to get started.

The Member Journey Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that our new members feel confident in getting started with whatever preservation project brought them to Permanent. Han’s experience with creating systems for effectively using services at her previous roles, as well as her training in customer service and user experience design, made her an excellent fit for this role. She has jumped into her role eagerly, hitting the ground running to make changes to our new member storage redemption flow and to connect members to our partners for additional support with organizing and digitizing their materials. I’ll let Han tell you about what excites her about working at Permanent.

Han Pham:

Something that I find valuable in life is building strong, reliable connections with people. It’s more than just networking – it’s about creating lasting relationships. In order to build a meaningful connection, we must dive deeper and understand an individual’s story. This is one of the reasons why working at Permanent is exciting because I am able to focus on building relationships with new members as our Member Journey Coordinator. A few months in the role have taught me how to write carefully considered information that addresses members’ needs and behaviors. In addition, I have learned more about digital preservation and applied that learning in my own preservation goals.

Permanent believes that everyone should have space in the digital world to leave their unique legacy. Each person is encouraged to share their individual stories, securely, on our platform. But it’s not that easy to get someone to share their entire life story on the internet because it requires time, organization, and attention to detail. My daily challenge is to build that relationship with new members by creating an enjoyable member experience at each touch point. I strive to reflect, reinforce, and reiterate our vision of building a trusted platform for all individuals, groups, and organizations.

I am working towards improving access to member support and understanding pain points that occur during the digitization process, in order to create a seamless transition into their digital archiving journey. The more I can understand our members, the more I can connect and help them reach their goals. I couldn’t be more excited to have teamed up with an organization whose mission aligns with my personal and professional passions.

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