Giving the Gift of Permanence

Robert Friedman

November 19, 2019
gift of permanence illustration

If you’re struggling to think of original gifts for any occasion, regift the best present: the memories you made with them. Make their favorite photos, videos, audio clips and more permanent for them to enjoy, share with others and keep safe for generations.

Not only is Permanent storage for all their favorite things a gift they will be able to enjoy for the rest of their lives, the payment you make for storage is a donation that makes the memories of others everlasting too.

There are three easy ways to give the gift of Permanence so you can tailor the experience for any of your loved ones.

1. Make their favorite moments permanent

Create an Archive for the people of your choosing, or one for your whole family, upload their collection and, voila! You just made all their favorite memories permanent. And saved them the time and stress of worrying about a backup! Now they can simply enjoy them and rest assured that their files are safe.

This is the perfect gift for the people in your life who aren’t the most savvy with technology or never know where to begin. Not sure what to upload? This is a great activity for you to do together. Relive shared experiences, discover unknown stories and spend time with your favorite people.

2. Gift everlasting storage space

If your loved one loves to customize or you don’t have access to their files, let them do the uploading and curating as they wish and just cover the storage space.

Create another Archive for them and make them the owner. You’ll be able to gift them storage space at that time and as soon as they accept their Archive, they can start preserving their memories at no cost to them.

They will get an email as soon as you make them the owner of the Archive. So if this is a surprise you’re saving for a certain day, wait to make them the owner until you’re ready for them to unwrap it!

Now they can put their own Archive together, import their Facebook photos as they share them and make future memories permanent without worrying about storage space.

3. Digitize their photo albums and video tapes

Perhaps the person you have in mind has a stack of albums, scrapbooks or boxes of photos that have yet to be made digital? Digitizing can be a huge undertaking, which is why we partnered up with a company called EverPresent to help our users get their memories into their Permanent Archives, stress free!

EverPresent can digitize, organize and curate photo and video collections and we work together to get them into a Permanent Archive for you to enjoy and share.

If you are interested in learning more about this service, please contact us at

Go in on it together

Get others involved by making them Members of the Permanent Archive you’re gifting. Members can help you upload, organize and edit the files in a Permanent Archive so that you can work together to build something with love.

All Members can access any section of the Permanent Archive they’ve been added to. However, how they interact with it is up to you. From viewer to curator, we provide a variety of access levels so you maintain control of who can do what. Member access can be altered or removed at anytime. Here’s a quick guide on how to collaborate.

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